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At JC Car Company, we are dedicated to making your experience as stress free as possible. We are committed to working with our customers to insure they choose the right finance option that is suitable and affordable to their lifestyle. We can tailor finance packages to your request of repayment term, amount and include insurance options of your choice.

Still unsure of what you are wanting or needing, no worries! We can offer quotes for your choice of payment frequency and term. As well as having our finance consultant work with you to insure you are comfortable and confident with repayments

You have the options to apply through out website, request an application form to be emailed to you, take our application home to go over or request a call from our finance consultant who will help you complete an over the phone application.

We have finance requirements our customers need to meet at JC Car Company:
  • A full or restricted valid driver's licence held.
  • Learner licence is ok if you are 22+ or can provide a suitable guarantor.
  • Overseas licence can get finance following a strict criteria.
  • Have stability in your income, however, our learner licence drivers will need to be in full time employment.
  • Have a decent credit history with defaults paid in full or arrangements for repayments in place
  • Any outstanding MOJ fines will need arrangements for repayments in place.

Please disclose your credit history or information regarding defaults upfront and truthfully to ensure we can provide you with the suitable lender whose criteria you meet. The more information you provide us with the better and easier it is with a quicker response from our lenders.

If you have multiple defaults and they are recent we may be unable to find you a suitable lender.

Once you have completed your application please send the following supporting documents:
  • 2 months' worth of up to date bank statements.
  • A copy of your driver's licence.
  • Proof of address if not shown on your bank statement/li>

To Without your supporting documents, we can't complete the application. If you have any other finance enquires don't hesitate to ask via email or calling our 0800 number.

Please note, although similar to ours, our finance lenders also have a criteria which needs to be met to determine the outcome of your application. Our finance lenders may also require more supporting documents than we ask for.

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